Ráztočná 60
821 07 Bratislava

mobil: 0903 788 205
telefon: 02/ 443 72 502


As a bonus we will also provide for free:

  • secondary driver
  • foreign journey
  • child's car seat
  • snow chains
  • roof luggage rack
  • many more advantages

We will deliver car to:

  • Bratislava airport
  • Vienna airport
  • Prague airport
  • Budapest airport
  • Kosice airport

Rules of vehicle rental

General conditions for car rental

  • Driver´s age minimum 25 years
  • International Credit Card - valid
  • Passport
  • Driving licence

Rental Agreement

The Rental Company is qualified (hereinafter the Company):
  • By delayed return of rented car, qualified as illegitimate use of the vehicle, the Company will count for each day double daily rental charge
  • In case of violation rental rules, e.g. traffic accident, or car damage, delayed due payment, or due deposit the Company is qualified to withdraw from the contract without prior notice period and enforce the claim of payment of incurred loss including penalty and taking the vehicle back from Customer.
  • By intentional or Customer caused damage, destruction, loss or theft the vehicle or it´s parts and equipment, that are not covered by insurance is Company qualified to require compensation for the incurred loss including renting loss untill the damage elimination up to maximum of 60 days, with exemption of Customer caused theft of the vehicle where the Customer is obliged to pay incurred loss of rental fee, including the penalty up to the amount of compensation paid by insurance cover, up to maximum of listed price of the vehicle.
  • In case of additional announcement of driving offence during the time of using the car the Company is qualified to claim the compensation from the Customer.
  • In case of delayed return of the vehicle or late rental payment the Company is qualified to charge the Customer the amount of 1% a day of the financial receivables in addition to penalty for the delayed returning. In case of loss of documents and keys is Customer charged 1 000,-Sk /by the loss keys max up to 7 000,-Sk/ .
The Customer confirms by signing the Rental Agreement
  • The sign-up of rental agreement with all the conditions here written
  • That he/she is informed with price terms, rental rules and accident card in full version.
  • That he/she took over the vehicle in proper technical condition roadworthy to drive and to be used with full tank and with equipment by valid regulations and by signing acceptance protocol Customer confirms no visible car damages that is signed in rental agreement.
  • The Customer confirms he/she accepted all documents ordered for driving the vehicle: registration book, insurance payment check, rental contract, rental rules, accident card.
  • The Customer is informed on technical, operational instructions and with handling of the vehicle including applied specified fuel.
Consumer´s rights and obligations

Consumer is authorized to use the rented vehicle exclusively for the duration determined in rental contract. If the car will be not returned in the agreed date without elongation of rental contract is understood as illegitimate use with all implications described in this „Rental rules“ and in accordance with legal regulations, including the start of police search and state border protection. Elongation can be accomplished personally, in writing or by telefax, and must be approved by Company and is valid only after Company receives deposit payment for next rental period. Dishonour of deposit is considered as unauthorized use of the vehicle, even in case of agreed rental period. By returning of the vehicle is understood physical delivery to the Company in proper technical condition adequate to state by taking the car including keys and vehicle documents.Consumer is obliged to procect rented vehicle against damages, lost or destruction.

Consumer is not allowed
  • To pass the vehicle to other person as it is described in rental agreement, to take place on driving races, to retract other vehicles, to overload the vehicle over the allowed kg limit.
  • To leave valuable items in the stored vehicle, for possible damages of the vehicle in the case of theft attempt is responsible the consumer of the rented vehicle
  • To pursue the repair or other interference of the vehicle without the agreement of Company

Service and repairs

Consumer is obliged

To be careful and avoid the abnormal wear or devaluation of any part of vehicle. To provide for Company standard vehicle maintenance or for minimum of each 10.000 km during the whole rental time to check the status and temperature of cooling medium, status of oil, tyres and following parts of vehicle that are usually reviewable during rented car service. By violating the rules of vehicle maintenance, especially if it results in damage of the vehicle, Customer is obliged to cover the the incurred loss and also the lost profit, that is Company allowed to charge until damage removal. By damage or pollution of the vehicle not responding to usual level Company will require compensation of repair or clean-up costs


Basic rental tarif rate includes the statutory insurance for responsibility for incured losses by vehicle and motor hull insurance in the event of damage, destruction or theft of vehicle in Slovak Republic, where Consumer participation on damages remittance up to the 10 000,-Sk. This insurance does not include incurred losses by violation of provision of Police regulations, by usage of alcoholic drinks and narkotics before and during the drive. It also does not cover incurred losses by breaching vehicle technical standards, rental rules or insurance conditions. Consumer is obliged to ask Company permission to perform journey outside Slovak Republic. Consumer will cover the insurance costs for foreign travel to Company. Incurrable regression right from insurance company will be forwarded from Company to Consumer.

Accidents and Damages

Customer is obliged to inform competent police departement on each accident, crash, damage, destruction, theft of the part of vehical, in abroad inform competent authority and secure the log in accident card. Customer is obliged to provide the accident card without any delay to the Company and come in person to rental office to record protocol in writing immediately. Customer commits to cooperate with Company in the event of retraction of the vehicle. By failing to meet this responsibility Customer will be urged to recover incurred costs of Company in full price incurred and in price of costs of vehicle retraction.


In the event of breakdowm Customer must inform Company ASAP and Company will provide needed assistance. If vehicle is damaged and no longer roadworthy without Customer fault Company will provide its retraction. Company will not cover any service or maintenance costs occured abroad withour prior approval. In the event of breakdowm abroad Customer commits to cooperate with Company to deliver the vehicle to rental office. Company will reimburse the necessary costs incurred by providing the vehicle and approved by Company.